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We are Getting Married

By the grace of God and with blessing of our parents, our marriage bring new meaning of love, so our love brings new meaning of live.

Andiani Herlina

Andiani Herlina

( 田 玉 枰 )
Second daughter of
Mr. Tian Tu Yong
Mrs. Lu Pin Pin


Welly Pratama

Welly Pratama

( 李 培 球 )
First son of
Mr. Lie Nieng Sioe
Mrs. Tan Kwie Siang


Together with our loving families

In the garden of love we have found the perfect reason to gather families & friends


Holy Matrimony

10:30 - 12:30
2022-12-18T10:30:00+07:00 2022-12-18T12:30:00+07:00 Wedding Day of Welly & Andiani: Holy Matrimony Vihara Dharma Loka
Vihara Dharma Loka
Kota Pekanbaru

Intimate Lunch

13:00 - 16:00
2022-12-18T13:00:00+07:00 2022-12-18T16:00:00+07:00 Wedding Day of Welly & Andiani: Intimate Lunch Hotel Novotel Pekanbaru
Hotel Novotel Pekanbaru
Ruang Mawar ( Lantai 5 )
Kota Pekanbaru

Wedding Wishes and Prayer

  • Fendy
    Congrats Welly and Andriani
    Happy wedding, semoga langgeng sampai kakek nenek and live a happy marriage life forever
    1 year ago

  • Novardi
    Congratsss! semoga lancar hingga hari H, jd pasangan yg saling melengkapi, saling menjaga, dan bahagia pokoknya. di lancarkan rezeki dan semuanya.
    1 year ago

  • Kude GOING
    From Kude.. Ling ling & fam
    Happy wedding Welly Pratama and Andiani Herlina. 😍🥰
    Have a blessed mariagge & wishing you the best and happy married life.
    1 year ago

  • Sherly Lim & Partner
    Congratz buat wel dan Andriani
    Doa terbaik sampai ke anak cucu
    1 year ago

  • Eny GOING
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru cc dan pasangan.

    happy wedding cc ping2 dan koko.
    bahagia selalu ya..♥♥♥
    1 year ago

  • Monica Darwin
    congratz welly n andriani
    may ur love forever ara 😆😆
    1 year ago

  • Junita GOING
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru dan membangun keluarga baru. Jadilah pasangan yang baik.Semoga kehidupan kalian selalu dipenuhi dengan kebahagiaan dan keharmonisan.Semoga kalian menjadi pasangan yang saling melengkapi, saling mencintai, saling melindungi dan selalu dilimpahkan rezeki.
    Kurangi gilanya ya .
    Skli lagi slmat yah Andiani n ko Willy 🙏🙏🙏
    1 year ago

  • Desca fillisia
    happy wedding welly & Andiani!
    have a blessed marriage & wishing you the best and happy married life!
    1 year ago

  • Debby Rustan
    Congratz Welly and Andiani
    Even though life goes up and down
    May your love forever grow like BBCA
    1 year ago

  • Agus Gunawan
    Congratss wellly dan andiani...happily ever after...semoga langgeng sampai kakek nenek 🙏🙏🙏
    1 year ago

  • Maria Cen & Partner
    恭喜恭喜 welly, 新婚快乐! 祝你们甜甜蜜蜜!夫妻恩恩爱爱到永远!❤️💕💕
    1 year ago

  • Ivan
    Congratz Welly & Partner. Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru dan Semoga langgeng hingga maut memisahkan kalian. Dan juga cepet dapet momongan. Amien. GBU.
    1 year ago

  • Surya Dinata & Partner
    Best wishes to you both on your wedding. May the love that you share last your lifetime through, as you make a wonderful pair.

    Congrats Warlock, Welly and Andiani…
    God bless you two abundantly…
    1 year ago

  • Marten Chandra & Partner
    Congrats Dr Strange... Semoga Berbahagia Selalu selamanya bersama Andriani
    1 year ago

  • Gerry & Anggie
    Congratulations for your wedding. We’re wishing you all the best in life.
    1 year ago

  • Denny Yap & Partner
    Congratz Welly and Andiani. Selamat menempuh lembaran baru dalam kehidupan. Langgeng dan bahagia selalu
    1 year ago

  • Andrian Iskandar & Partner
    Congratz Master timecycle & Andiani..
    Lancar2 sampe hari H, langgeng sampe tua!
    1 year ago

  • Reagan Halim
    Congratz suhu Welly and Andiani!!! May the force always be with you!!!
    1 year ago

  • Veliesya Hidayat
    Congrats Welly & Andiani. Langgeng & bahagia selalu ya 🙏🏻
    1 year ago

  • Cyntia Verina
    Congratz yah iPhing, semoga lancar sampe hari H dan langgeng yah... 😇🙏🏻wish both of you all the best in you life and family yah
    1 year ago

  • Regina Anastasya
    Ping Pingggg Congrats!! 🥳 Finally....
    Lancar sampai hari H, bahagia selalu yaaa 😘
    Happy Wedding Bestieee ❤️❤️ sorry gak bisa hadir yaaa.. Doaku sllu untukmuuu, kiss kiss dr akyuuu😘😘😘😘
    1 year ago

  • Andy Gunawan
    Akhirnya lulus jg ya Wil... pasti uda diitung ya tanggal wedding ny sesuai Time Cycle yg paling bagus... Semoga Bullish selalu pernikahan ny dan berkat dan hoki nya selalu ATH di kemudian hari 🎉🎉🎉
    1 year ago

  • Leo & Partner
    Congrats suhu welly & andiani,semoga lancar2 sampai hari H dan cepat dapat anak...happy cuan and keep protect our universe...happy wedding...
    1 year ago

  • Gio Selvi
    Congratsss Well dan istri.. Wish you all the best with your new journey.. langgeng selalu.. lancar sampai hari H yah
    1 year ago

  • Andrew
    Congrats Well
    Wishing you the best as you embark on this next chapter of your life
    1 year ago

  • Rickel Albert & Partner
    Ya ampun disimpan2 demi ini… Gile2… SELAMAAATTTT WELLYYY!!!!!!! Akhirnya nyusul…. Gbu all the best ya…
    1 year ago

  • Vera GOING
    Happy wedding andiani and partner
    Wish both of u always happy together
    1 year ago

  • Ifan Frans
    Eyyyy... Happy wedding an~
    1 year ago

  • Hendy Santoso
    Selamat Well dan Ce Andiani.
    Langgeng selalu. Best wishes always for you. Buddha bless always
    1 year ago

  • Delvyana GOING
    Happy wedding andiani , long last ya ... wish u have happiness day ..
    1 year ago

  • Sutini GOING
    1 year ago

  • Eryanto
    Kiong hi bre.....
    1 year ago

  • Darwin
    Selamat ko Welly dan Ce Andiani. May your love continue to grow each and every year. Best wishes on your wedding
    1 year ago

  • Yovinus Yappary
    Congratulations bro Welly. Success always and live happily ever after. 😍👍🍻❤️
    1 year ago

  • Edy Utomo & Partner
    Semoga cinta kalian ARA terus dan ATH selamanya. Semoga tahun depan RI ya. Congrats Welly & Andiani..!!!
    1 year ago

  • Rospita Leung
    恭喜 Welly与妻子, 祝你们百年好合, 早生贵子,永远幸福。
    1 year ago

  • Elizabeth Santoso & Albert Varma
    Dear Welly and Phing,
    Finally you guys tie the knot!
    Warmest congratulations to a very special pair, who have found their dearest moments in the happy life they share. We wish you the best wishes for a fun-filled future together.
    May the years ahead be filled with lasting love, joy, success, health, and happiness.
    God bless you both!
    1 year ago

  • Angela
    Hello Welly
    This is Noona from Rose. I am so happy for you and finally you found someone to take care of you and you also taking care for your wife. I know you will do a good job!

    Blessed marriage my friend and enjoy your happy wedding in a month's time!
    1 year ago

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